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KDLY/KOVE » Wyoming News » USFWS to kill wolves seen in Jackson, Wyo.

USFWS to kill wolves seen in Jackson, Wyo.

JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to kill three or four wolves that have brazenly approached homes in Jackson in northwest Wyoming.

Wolf manager Mike Jimenez (hih-MEN’-ez) says there have been numerous sightings of wolves, beginning in late December, that show the animals have made residential areas part of their territory.

He tells the Jackson Hole News & Guide ( ) that it appears the wolves are becoming habituated to people and houses.

Jimenez says U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials had considered relocating the animals, but decided against it because there aren’t many places to relocate wolves.

He says killing the wolves won’t have an adverse effect on Wyoming’s wolf population.

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3 Responses to "USFWS to kill wolves seen in Jackson, Wyo."

  1. Jared Kail says:

    The feds have stubbornly refused to allow Wyoming to manage it’s own wolf populations. Now these “reclusive” creatures are taking up residence IN Jackson because these “reclusive” animals are getting habituated to man. Might be time to reconsider that predator status….

  2. Wolf Wizard says:

    Here’s my response to you bureaucratic birdbrains:
    They have been on Earth long before man even existed, ya’ pricks!!
    Until you stop killing our wolves,
    I don’t want anything to do with Wyoming or any other
    anti-wolf state and I don’t want anything to do with
    any crooked bureaucracy wasting our taxpayer $$$$$$$
    on destroying our wildlife, poisoning our food, ruining
    our Earth, and trampling over our freedoms,
    just to appease the big greedy corporations and a handful
    of stupid redneck inbreds who want to make the 21st Century
    look like the 19th!!!

  3. jackson says:

    the wolves are getting out of control and something needs to happen if we want are kid to stay alive and that is a drain for hunts to control the wolf population because even hunters are getting attacked by them when going out for elk or deer up here. the wolf population is really high the alpha female been having more then usual amount of pups each year and grey wolves are not native Wyoming its the timber wolves.

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